CPRD specializes in post-conflict and post-disaster recovery and development programs. We are a Canadian consultancy firm comprising of a team of highly professional international and leading in-country technical specialists with a wide range of expertise and broad executional capabilities to assist donors, humanitarian organizations and governments systematically deal with the aftermath of conflicts and natural disasters.

We believe that community well-being can be enhanced through interdisciplinary knowledge and innovation. To facilitate this, we work in partnership with academics, university research centres, international and national consultants, private sector, local governments as well as civil society members. We are particularly committed to the mentorship and capacity building of young professionals who are important drivers of innovation. Together we seek to bring to fruition new ideas, innovative tools and creative problem solving to post-conflict and post-disaster recovery processes.

CPRD operates with the principles of do-no-harm, community participation and gender inclusiveness and adheres to the Humanitarian Charter, Humanitarian Accountability Partnership Standard and other closely aligned voluntary humanitarian guidelines.


Research and Analysis

Planning and Design

Project Management

Training and Capacity Development

Community Engagement and Accountability